The Suggsverse

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In Heir to the Stars II, Allegretto is the Kamikakushi. When Tenerezza and Waltz located the first ring of Auspicious Qualities, Allegretto made his introduction, seeking to return the ring to its former bed. The battle happened before a moment could process, leaving Tenerezza the winner after blowing out his candle.

Powers and Abilities

Allegretto is the Kamikakushi; the man with the speed of God.” This means that Allegretto can travel at any speed that his imagination would allow him to move at. His movements are only limited by his imagination.

  • Allegretto’s speed only gets faster and faster. He moves without moving. His mere thoughts generates afterimages. His afterimages generates afterimages and so on. On a planet with infinite dimensions, he was completely omnipresent. 
  • According to the Omniscient ability of Waltz, Allegretto has the power over the Anti-Equation. He can use the very Anti-Existence to generate the anti-essence of a substance or form to cancel it out completely.
  • Allegretto can use his mind to cancel out the very reality of a target. It's matter, energy, substance, and reality itself will be canceled out. It never existed at all…


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