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The Suggsverse

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Pharos of the End #5


What is The End? What defines the absolute end of all possibility? Some would describe The End as the final destination point; the metaphysical vanishing point that concludes all configurations of possibility. Let’s take a look, into the left eye of the past…


The year is X-189999 – Kaleidoscope. The century is Monologue. On the eve of a new era, stars begin to fall like tears in the sky. While this event is unknown to many, there are some that can see the Venus Memorial approaching. During this time, Sadira La Danseuse has left the throne, in order to personally invite chaos into the new era. Man has decided to fight Sadira La Danseuse with science, while others stood under Sadira La Danseuse through religious faith. War was inevitable, but not the current problem. A third player has stepped onto the stage, and this player plans on taking the power out of the hands of Man and God.


Meanwhile, in an unchanging moment, concealed within a finite frame, the Xenogems were unlocked and scattered across the continuum of The Allscape. With JOKER’s Gate opened, unwritten Truths started to appear from its Road, completely twisting all of existence and nonexistence, orphaning all possibilities and nothingness of life and death, past and future.


A liberator has turned his head to the broken sky, noticing the fall of truths.


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