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The Suggsverse

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Pharos of the End #8 - Interlude Song


What is The End? What defines the absolute end of all possibility? Some would describe The End as the final destination point; the metaphysical vanishing point that concludes all configurations of possibility. Let’s take a look, into the eyes of the interlude…


The year is X-190000 – Phantasmagoria. The century is Epilogue.


Akinetopsia himself has appeared from out of his realm, looking to find a Waker to wake someone up from his dimension. At the same time, a Snow Dancer - Sayla is trying to buy a ticket into Oblivion in order to rescue the memory of a long forgotten sister. As the two paths cross, a third side of the double-sided coin is about to surface...


After the Fall of Man, the last remnants of the Fallen Angels have finally begun to sing their final song. This time, not only has the Absolute Infinite (an infinity above all transfinite numbers) and the Imaginary Line (an imagination above all imaginary numbers) been sentenced to rapture, but the entire Grand Principle of Creation.


The Silver Brilliance… The Golden Darkness… The Emerald Void… The 3 Pieces of 1 have retuned.


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