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The Suggsverse

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Pharos of the End II #2


“Though, should you ever awaken, and realize the truth that has been unwritten, you may find yourself in a different world from the one you knew.”


The year is A-0018 - Endstage. The era is Fuuchouin.


Originally trapped within JOKER’s Gate, the unwritten Truths appeared from the Road behind JOKER’s Gate with the grand plan of finding the Rabbit's Golden Truth. With their appearance, they completely twisted all of existence and nonexistence, orphaning all possibilities and nothingness of life and death, past and future, void and presence, infinity and finite, and actuality and potentiality. To make matters worse, because of the presence of the unwritten Truths, Chaos no longer exists.


In order to eliminate this absolute Peace, anomalies have stepped onto the stage in order to bring Chaos back, and to extract the unwritten Truths from the current Script…


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