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The Suggsverse

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Solecism I (Vol.8)


The year is 9414 A.A. (After Advent).


Sincere and Lamont are venturing Wakers. They venture across worlds, waking up those who have fallen asleep. The brothers are seeking to find the thing that has been forgotten...yet was never known; their sister and the Nine Themes of God.


It has been 2 years since their intervention with Rose-colored World, and the two brothers still have not found what they are searching for... However, recently, increasingly large amounts of people have been falling asleep. The numbers are spreading into the centillions relatively fast. Sincere and Lamont know that they cannot possibly wake up everyone, but the number has upset the Macro Cosmos. If they do not find out the cause to this, their timeline will fold upon itself, just like the other infinite adjacent ones so far. The Macro Cosmos, or rather one of the Epitaphs plans to reset all structures of reality in order to correct the unstable balance. Lamont and Sincere have taken matters into their own hands by asking the Epitaph for some time. The Epitaph gives them 7 days; not a quantum second more or less. If they fail, all is lost.


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