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The Suggsverse

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Solecism I (Vol.10)


The year is 0033 P.W. (Perfect World) in the Utopian Calendar.


Sincere and Lamont are venturing Wakers. They venture across worlds, waking up those who have fallen asleep. The brothers are seeking to find the thing that has been forgotten...yet was never known; their sister and the Nine Themes of God.


The Songstress of Time once created Heaven on Earth, a utopia for the humans whose realities inhabited it. However, the nature of the human mind rejected this first attempt at a perfect world and the world turned into ruin. A second attempt added the chaos factor of human nature and a basic cause and effect, but this stable world was also a failure. For the third time, she added the power of choice, saying that humans were the true Gods that shaped the world. This was a utopia where humans would be allowed the power of volition. However, she felt that some manipulation was necessary, so the chaos factor existed, as well as the power of choice, but the will to choose the chaos factor was at the lowest possibility.

Lamont and Sincere wake up to find themselves in the Heaven on Earth…


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