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The Suggsverse

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Solecism II (Vol.2)


10 years have passed since Sincere and Lamont fell asleep, completely becoming unreachable. They are outside of all modes of existences and all modes of nonexistence. Uniform II is a group consisting of their remnants – their children. The two kindred spirits have decided to find their fathers against all warnings. The two fragments of nonentity must find a way to find the two brothers that have been forgotten...yet was never known.


The year is 0 Alpha (Genesis Century)…


After getting the permission of their mothers to search for their fathers, Uniform II finds themselves in the beginning of time. Nothing but an endless landscape of desert exists, stretching into the end of eternity. The possibilities have started to disappear. The future is gone; the possibility of change has disappeared. Time does not exist, and yet time seems to be moving still.


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