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Solecism IV (Vol.6)


Two brothers that have been forgotten...yet were never known have come into existence. The return of their paradoxical trans-existence has not only upset the balance of all modes of existence, but has brought God's Will back onto the center of the stage. However, they have put their search for their sister and the Nine Themes of God on hold in order to find THE O...


The year is 9427 A.A. (After Advent) in the Gold Zero Calendar.


Sincere and Lamont have somehow done the impossible beyond the impossible, escaping the nothingness beyond the Absolute Unreality outside of the Absolute Infinite, outside of all modes and systems of nothingness, nonexistence and zero. They have come back, but they see the world completely different than what they once saw before. They know where the Nine Themes of God are, and they know where their sister is. Things have become clear, yet the world is still blurry, even in its clear state.


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