The Suggsverse

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Brittni Lynne

“I don’t have the time to play games with you two little boys.”

Photo Novel: Solecism
Physiology: Theaphysical Impossibility; Divine Manifestation of the Feminine Principle
Height: Theaphysical Impossibility 
Weight: Theaphysical Impossibility
Eye Color: appears Icy Blue
Hair Color: appears Blonde
Age: Theaphysical Impossibility
Birth Date: Theaphysical Impossibility
Status: Theaphysical Impossibility
Gender: Feminine Principle
Family: None
Love Interests: None
Affiliation: Eden
Brittni represents the pinnacle of perfect transcendence. It is unknown how this was achieved, but according to the unwritten documents outside of the paratext, Brittni challenged a storm. This storm possessed "Meta Observer" status over all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction -- controlling it (them) like an author controls a work of fiction but from within and outside. This ability is personal, impersonal, and transpersonal; it is not Verse bound, thus enabling the storm to determine the sole outcome of an event just by "observing" one of the possibilities or nothingness of the event. This storm was the underpin of an existential ideology that permeates all cosmic ladders. Brittni gained a mastery of time - in the process, merged every possible (infinite) amount of verses into one, forcing everything to act according to her will. She was an absolute infinite multiplicity within a finite equation. And although she possessed this contradiction, she challenged this storm, quantifying "Omni" and rejecting the storm. This event created a road for her that allowed her to walk towards that which was beyond perfection.


In the year Ω E.T. (End Time), Brittni Lynne made her first appearance in the fifth volume of Solecism. As the year suggests, this was the End of Time – the moment before the Vanishing Point of existence. After Sincere and Lamont are transported back to the End of Time,

a meteor comes from out of nowhere, striking the sands of End-Time. Lamont was able to escape its descent, but the speed and force of the meteor was that of infinity, creating an absolute powerful G-force that should have collapsed the Cosmos. It is revealed that the meteor was Brittni Lynne. She also makes it clear that she knows Sincere, and instantly attacks the two brothers. As the battle continued in a stalemate, Brittni questioned if the two brothers were 'potentials'. However, the brothers could not confirm. As the battle continued, Brittni eventually submitted, claiming that there was no point to this battle as she had no way to defeat the brothers, leaving.

Powers and Abilities

Commandment over Demiurge: She holds mastery over Creation and Meta-Conceptualization.

Universe Creation: She is able to generate an infinite universe effortlessly. However, a mere finite cosmos that she creates can match the size of an infinite Omniverse.

Big Crunch Event: She is able to force the density of the infinite Universe to stop its expansion and begin contracting. All the matter and space-time in the infinite Universe instantly collapses into a dimensionless quantum singularity.

Big Bang Event: Brittni can create a Big Bang, resulting an infinite Universe consisting of an infinite sequence of finite universes, each finite Universe ending with a Big Crunch that was also the genesis of the Big Bang of the next Universe. Also, Brittni was able to step outside of the chain of events that were all happening within a single quantum frame. She closed her hand, dispersing all events that had just happened.

MetaProbability Manipulation

Zero Attack Energy: Brittni can unconsciously multiply the attack energy of a target by zero. This is a passively active ability on a personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level. 

Verseology: On a personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level -- Brittni has mastered Verseology. 


* Brittni's Commandment is over Demiurge, which means that at minimum, Brittni possess impassable power beyond any reason, understanding, and zenith, allowing her to achieve anything and everything and beyond without any limit (she defines boundaries itself). Impossibility and Absolute Contradictory Concepts are overridden. All other forces and abilities might as well not exist at all before her. 

* Brittni had mastered Verseology long before her introduction in Solecism.