The Suggsverse

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In Heir to the Stars II, Father appears, stopping the battle between Legato and Hauptstimme, before their influence could be felt outside of the Allscape. He explained that their will, might, and omnipotent capabilities were all useless. Although he apologized, he erased both of them, stating "However, just like my toys, I’m tired of you two, so disappear and never return.”

Later on, Father was seen manipulating events within several Universes. He even established omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient Supreme Beings to govern Omniverses all across the Allscape.

Powers and Abilities

In Heir to the Stars II, As the Supreme Being of the Allscape, Father is essentially Meta-Omnipotent, Meta-Omnipresent, and Meta-Omniscient. He is beyond all systems and capabilities within the Allscape.