The Suggsverse

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In Heir to the Stars II, Fermata is a Nymph. Heaven’s Nest is where the race of Nymph creatures habitat at. They are virgin beings that live in the pure waters of the planet.

With Tenerezza's depature, Waltz himself felt saddened. Fermata appeared from out of a forest, asking why Waltz was in tears. After flirting with Waltz for a moment, he placed his Stradivarius down and tried to take one good punch at her, but all of his speed was being completely absorbed. Fermata and Waltz engaged in a battle where there would be no winners. Eventually, she heard his Stradivarius play, which signified her defeat.

Powers and Abilities

Absolute Zero: Fermata can drop the temperature of the planet to Absolute Zero in a quantum second.

Automatic Defenses: By attacking her, her automatic defenses erect, stripping a target of all motion, and dissipates the target into nihility. Temporal Manipulation: She has the power to stop all of time within reality.

Kinetic Absorption: She can mentally absorb the speed from targets.

Petrification: She can petrify a target into stone by her unconscious will, instantly forcing the target to turn into dust, fading into nothingness.