The Suggsverse

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Qian Chen

“Very perceptive…”

Photo Novel: Solecism
Physiology: Theaphysical Impossibility; Divine Manifestation of the Feminine Principle
Height: Theaphysical Impossibility 
Weight: Theaphysical Impossibility
Eye Color: appears Brown
Hair Color: appears Black
Age: Theaphysical Impossibility
Birth Date: Theaphysical Impossibility
Status: Theaphysical Impossibility
Gender: Feminine Principle
Family: None
Love Interests: None
Affiliation: Eden
Qian represents the pinnacle of perfection of a "Human." In Solecism, it was expressed by Lamont and Sincere (two paradoxes that exist above The All) that she was not connected to the concept of "Life" in any theory of dimension.


In the year Ω E.T. (End Time), Qian made her first appearance in the fifth volume of Solecism. As the year suggests, this was the End of Time – the moment before the Vanishing Point of existence. After encountering Sincere and Lamont, she wonders about why they exist at the End Time, especially considering that Eden's Curse had eradicated all men. After Lamont mentioned the  Xenogems, Qian Chen jumped into to attack the brothers. By her resolve, she would not allow the brothers to exist any longer. Qian commenced to absolutely dominate the brothers, making this battle a one-sided beatdown in her favor. The end result concluded in Qian's defeat when Lamont utilized a Reflection Principle on her to shatter her into less than nothingness.

Powers and Abilities

Commandment: Her true power is over Infinitesimal.

Beyond the Necessity of Speed: Without the necessity of speed, Qian Chen bypassed all dimensional barriers, striking both Lamont and Sincere level characters into the ground.

Infinite Mass Punch: Qian Chen can use a punch of infinite mass. Normally, when an infinite mass punch would be executed, it would create a quantum G-force so powerful, that the entire Universe would come down along with the punch. However, due to reality being at the end of time, the laws of physics were nonexistent.

Enhanced Speed: In an infinitesimal quantum second, Qian Chen can execute an infinite amount of infinite mass punches, reaching the absolute end of infinity. 

Creation's Destruction: By opening up her palm, she can generate an infinite Universe within it. By collapsing the infinite Universe upon itself, she creates an implosion with enough force to annihilate into zero all infinite Universes within an infinite Metaverse.

Infinitesimal Frequency: By opening up her hand, she can create an infinitesimal frequency that counters the essence of characters like Lamont and Sincere.

Reset: She can mentally reset the actions of an event back to 0.

Negation of Powers: She is able to momentarily negate the powers of beings that exist and does not exist.


* Qian's Commandment is over Infinitesimal, but she greatly expands the very concept itself. She does not just command authority over that which has immeasurably or incalculably values near 0, but over values vastly below 0, giving the concept a new hierarchy of immeasurement.