The Suggsverse

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Rebecca Gogue

“Yes, I can read your mind, and see your thoughts generate before you even generate them. For quantum anomalies, you two are truly unique. You two possess no state of active consciousness. However, at my level, that is irrelevant. I can see the thoughts that doesn’t exist, have yet to exist and never will exist. You simply aren’t outmatched; you two are outclassed..”

Photo Novel: Solecism
Physiology: Theaphysical Impossibility; Divine Manifestation of the Feminine Principle
Height: Theaphysical Impossibility 
Weight: Theaphysical Impossibility
Eye Color: appears Brown
Hair Color: appears Black
Age: Theaphysical Impossibility
Birth Date: Theaphysical Impossibility
Status: Theaphysical Impossibility
Gender: Feminine Principle
Family: None
Love Interests: None
Affiliation: Eden
Rebecca represents the pinnacle of perfection of a "Human." However, she is not connected to any theory of "Life" of any mode or attribute. She does not exist within the boundaries of "Dimensions."


In the year Ω E.T. (End Time), Rebecca Gogue made her first appearance in the fifth volume of Solecism. As the year suggests, this was the End of Time – the moment before the Vanishing Point of existence. After Qian Chen was erased, Rebecca appeared before Sincere and Lamont. Rebecca was quite annoyed with Qian's defeat, immediately showcasing her power by subjugating the two brothers, effortlessly. However, she revealed that her goal was not to defeat the two brothers, but to send them home. The brothers declined her intent, forced her into battle. In a losing battle, the brothers finally gained the upper hand when an unknown voice reached out them, unlocking their powers and stopping Rebecca's influence. Lamont’s Inverted World activated, completely mirroring the effect of the Heat Death back onto the origin point – Rebecca. Sincere, at the same time, manipulated the quantum strings of probability to reset her existence back into a state of null and void.

Powers and Abilities

Commandment over Solipsism and Sentience: This is her true ability; the power to command Solipsism and Sentiences. With this, she can read minds, and see thoughts generate before they are even generated. Lamont and Sincere possessed no state of active consciousness, however, at her level, that is irrelevant. She could see the thoughts that doesn’t exist, have yet to exist and never will exist. 

Rebecca can manipulate thought strings, twisting them into phenomena:

* She can create a Big Freeze, which encompasses an infinite amount of space, completely reaching the end of infinity, completely encompassing a complete infinity. Absolute Zero temperature reigns.

* By manipulating thought waves, Rebecca can twist reality, creating a Universal Heat Death, which forces the infinite plane of existence to undergo a state of maximum entropy in which everything is evenly distributed, and there are no gradients — which are needed to sustain information processing, one form of which is life. By breaking the transcendent barriers, the effects can even reach the trans-quantum existences of Lamont and Sincere.

Beyond the Necessity of Speed: Before a metaphysical moment of change could occur, Rebecca was able to defeat Lamont, knocking him into a state of unconsciousness with a vicious punch that made Qian’s punches feel like feathers.

Enhanced Reactions: When Lamont appeared through a quantum gate, coming from the gap between nonexistence and existence, Rebecca was able to manipulate the strings of thought to throw him into the ground before he could even reach her.

Beyond Infinite Strength: She is able to generate more than an absolute infinite multiplicity amount of force in a punch.

Negation of Powers: She is able to momentarily negate the powers of beings that exist and does not exist.

Xenedraphysics: On a personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level -- Rebecca has mastered Xenedraphysics


* Rebecca's Commandment is over Solipsism and Sentience, which means that at minimum, Rebecca possess the dominating power over Intent, Choice, Will and Action. She possesses complete mastery and dominance over all theories of mindscapes. All mental and meta-mental attributes and modes are subject to her decree. This applies to even attributes and modes and unconcepts that are not in existence, has never existed, and never will exist.

* Rebecca had mastered Xenedraphysics long before her introduction in Solecism.