The Suggsverse

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Richelle Molly Kincaid

“Those who are still under the influence of (or utilizes) Pure Act and Divine Will are less than cipher to me.”

Photo Novel: Unwritten...
Physiology: Theaphysical Impossibility; Divine Manifestation of the Feminine Principle
Height: Theaphysical Impossibility 
Weight: Theaphysical Impossibility
Eye Color: appears Hazel
Hair Color: appears Brown
Age: Theaphysical Impossibility
Birth Date: Theaphysical Impossibility
Status: Theaphysical Impossibility
Gender: Feminine Principle
Family: Tiffany Mariella Kincaid (Sister)
Love Interests: ?
Affiliation: Eden, Teardrop
Molly represents the pinnacle of perfection of a "Human."



Powers and Abilities

Commandment over Para: Richelle has sovereignty over the Meta -- that which is beyond the beyond.

Cataphysics Manipulation: Richelle has absolute command and mastery over Cataphysics, being literally tied to the very realm of it.


* ?